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Meet Valerie Aflalo and her handmade jewellery collection

Meet Valerie Aflalo and her handmade jewellery collection

Valerie was founded in Stockholm, Sweden in the year 2006 by designer Valerie Aflalo. The brand has since become a well-established brand with a growing position in the international market. 

Every piece is designed in Stockholm and hand made by a local female jewelry designer in Greece. 

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1) What inspired you to start Valerie?

Growing up, I was always surrounded by fashion. I was brought up in a family where both of my parents worked in the fashion industry, so the idea of starting my own brand some day was always something that I thought about. I could never find the right dresses to wear for special occasions. Mix that with my love for creating dresses and other feminine styles, and the idea of Valerie was born! That idea is what launched the brand in 2008, and it has continued to grow since then.

Valerie Aflalo


2) What do you love most about having your own brand?

Getting to design my own wardrobe is definitely the best part about having my own brand. I mean, how cool is that!? 

3) What are the biggest challenges you encountered on the way?

Even when living in the midst of a pandemic, people have still wanted to dress up and feel good about themselves, which I’m extremely happy to see! I love being an entrepreneur and all of the challenges that come with it. Even when there are problems with deliveries or mistakes made by suppliers, my fantastic team always finds a way to work things out. 

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4) Can you tell us more about your jewellery (the inspiration, the material, the production)

I have always had an adoration for the beach and the ocean. I grew up in Southern Sweden, and spent a lot of my childhood looking for seashells and enjoying nature. The joyful memories that I have from that period in my life are what inspired me to create a jewellery collection, where the presence of sea shells and pearls exist in many of the details.

"The collection is proudly handmade in Greece, using recycled silver that has been dipped in 24 carat gold."



5) What are your three favourite items on Rêve Ultime?

Andrea Wrap Dress


Mini Straw Bag


Gaby Wool Cardigan