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Introducing Stilbaar x GEMME Collective

Introducing Stilbaar x GEMME Collective

In an attempt to further pursue the commitment towards sustainability, Stilbaar is partnering up with one of the coolest rental services - GEMME Collective. From now on, besides being offered handpicked sustainable luxury items, you will also be able to rent a selection of pieces through the services provided by GEMME. Discover the selection here!

Sandrine Kockum, founder of Stilbaar, and Emelie Gustafsson Maisted, the co-founder of GEMME, reveal more about the behind-the-scenes and hopes for this collaboration. 

How did you start working with sustainable fashion?  
Emelie: I have been working in the H&M group for many years, and there I got fostered into sustainable fashion and its importance. Fast-forward a few years, and I urged a service where I could use as much fashion as if it was fast fashion but without the consumption. I wanted to be able to wear anything without having to buy it, i.e. consume it – why not wear it only when you really want it and then let someone else use it?  

Sandrine: I studied in a fashion school (Parsons School of Design) and therefore always thought I would work in fashion as I have always had a genuine interest in it since a very young age. However, after a few work experiences at luxury fashion houses, I realised that this world was not for me. After many years, I found out that sustainable fashion was the perfect field for me. I wanted to create a place where I could combine my love of fashion with my commitment to the environment, and this is how Stilbaar started.  

Why is sustainability important for you personally? 
Emelie: I really care about the planet's long-lasting life. Even if I'm not here forever, I want the earth to continue to be the place where humans thrive and live. At the same time, it's important to enjoy it while we can, so the compromise is to work in fashion but to do. My very best to make it more sustainable. 

Sandrine: Working with sustainable fashion is really important for me as fast fashion's impact on our planet is terrifying. We can already see the devastating effects of climate change, and it is scary to think about the consequences if we don't change our behaviours. I have three children, and it is my duty to do my best to teach them how to be respectful of mother Earth and do my best to preserve it for future generations. 

Why do you think it is important that the fashion industry supports and promotes sustainability principles?
Emelie: The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries globally, and also not necessary. We only consume 70% of what is produced - that's a shame. The industry and companies in fashion must be the leaders of the change, not the customers. 

Sandrine: It is a necessity and the only way forward. Now that we are aware of the dramatic impact fast fashion has on our planet, we simply cannot continue producing and consuming as we have done in the past. 

What is your hope and aim with this collaboration?
Emelie: I hope to present the rental opportunity to a wider customer group. We really want to make it easy for every fashion brand's customer to make a sustainable choice while not calling off the thrill of wearing something new. 

Sandrine: I hope that this collaboration will offer more customers the opportunity to wear sustainable fashion. Sustainable fashion is much more expensive than fast fashion and, therefore, not accessible to all. This rental opportunity will allow you to wear a beautiful, sustainable piece with a very small budget. 

How does the collaboration work?
Emelie: We get to enjoy and offer the selection of Stilbaar's assortment, and we help Stilbaar with making it possible to rent. 

What are your plans for Gemme Collective?
Emelie: We want customers to think, "Oh, nice! With Gemme, you get to consume without bad conscience", whatever it might be, a designer bag, ski wear or hike gear. Our ambition is to make anything rentable! 

How did you decide to do this collaboration between Stilbaar and Gemme?
Sandrine: I met Emelie a while back, and I love her and Gemme. I have used Gemme personally, and I think it is a brilliant business model. When the opportunity came up for Stilbaar to collaborate with Gemme, it was a no brainer. We both share the same values, and being able to rent items on Stilbaar makes us even more unique and shows our commitment to sustainability. 

Where do you want to see Stilbaar?
Sandrine: I would like to see Stilbaar become the go-to platform for sustainable luxury fashion. Like a niche net-a-porter that offers handpicked sustainable and ethical brands.