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In the studio with Self Cinema founders

In the studio with Self Cinema founders

Self Cinema is a Stockholm based contemporary fashion brand focusing on responsible and sustainable accessible high fashion. Created in 2019 by former Heads of Design and Development at Acne studios Samuel Thomas and Anthony Rock. Drawing inspiration from Lower east side Manhattan, Rive Gauche Paris, and the cultural scenes of Stockholm and Copenhagen, Self Cinema is wardrobe for directional and responsible individuals.

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What is Self Cinema's mission?

We aim to create some noise around sustainable fashion, with a focus on fashion. Sustainability does not need to mean things cannot be cool and directional – and that's where we aim to be. Created from the ground up.

What is the most important aspect of sustainable fashion to you?

For us it’s appeal. The appeal will create the biggest movement towards sustainable consumption. With consumption being at the heart of what we are doing.


Why is a sustainable approach to fashion so important?

Because there is no planet B, we need to think about the decisions we make when consuming. And fashion is a luxury not a necessity so it's important when you are offering a fashionable product that you make sure it leaves as little an environmental mark as possible.

What do you yourself do to maintain a sustainable lifestyle?

I have committed to buying less and buying higher quality products, I am also buying more second hand products. I no longer own a car, I only use car pools or collective transport. On longer journeys I travel by train where possible. I remain conscious about the actions I take throughout my day and how they could affect the environment.


What can we do about greenwashing?

Individually and collectively, we need to keep asking our favorite fashion brands what they do with their waste and what efforts they’re making to become more sustainable.

Where do you produce your garments?

We produce in Italy and Portugal.

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