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Rêve Ultime becomes Stilbaar

Rêve Ultime becomes Stilbaar

In order to bring our concept to the next level, we have changed our name to Stilbaar. This new name honors our Swedish heritage and represents the next step in our journey.

Sandrine, our founder, sat down to share her feelings about this, her views on conscious luxury and what she hopes for Stilbaar's future.



1) Why did you choose Stilbaar as a new name?

I chose Stilbaar as I wanted a Scandinavian name that better reflects our brand identity. Stilbaar´s meaning is a mix between stil which means style in Swedish and hållbar which means sustainable - two values that are at the center of our brand's ethos. 

2) What are the values that define Stilbaar ?

Although our name changed, our values remain the same.  Stilbaar is driven by our conscious approach to what we feel is true luxury: well crafted, timeless and respectful designs. We handpick brands that have sustainability and ethics at the heart of their processes, and that at the same time, do not compromise on style. We believe that you can still look incredibly chic while wearing clothes that are responsible

3) Do you feel like Swedish fashion is focused on sustainability ?

There are many new upcoming small Swedish brands focusing on sustainability, which is exciting and promising for the future, but unfortunately, this is not the case for the majority of the Swedish fashion brands. At Stilbaar, 9 out of our 34 brands are Swedish, so we feel grateful that we get to promote and help these local brands to grow on an international level. And the same goes for all brands on our platform. 

4) Can you give your personal definition of "luxury" ?

For me, luxury is all about how the product is made and the quality of the fabric. Luxury does not mean a price tag, but rather if an item is made in an ethical and responsible way with a longer lifetime. For me, made-to-order designs are true luxury, as they are unique and guaranteed to fit you perfectly. I also love wearing old garments that have a story, for example I have many clothes and accessories from my mother which I love wearing. 

5) What do you hope for Stilbaar's future ?

I hope that through our unique and mindful selection of responsible brands, Stilbaar will continue to grow and become the reference for sustainable fashion and beauty. We want to be the "go to place" for conscious luxury. I would like to grow in terms of product offerings, but also categories. Hopefully in the future offering more childrenswear, home and even menswear, meanwhile keeping very strict standards in terms of sustainability and ethics.