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Meet Miryam of Miryam the Label

Miryam the Label

Miryam aims to create products in a way that does not harm the environment or the people working for them. Their mission is to create sustainable fashion for the modern – girl, proving that there is nothing boring about "eco-fashion". 

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What is your brand’s mission?

We make timeless, comfy-chic pieces with simple cuts and neutral colors to make you shine all day and night. Simply change the shoes, the bag or the lipstick and you are ready for brunch with the girls, a date night or partying with friends. Miryam pieces tell stories -- every piece is designed with integrity and intention. We design small collections with cool pieces to complete your minimal wardrobe with luxurious, ethical pieces you truly adore and cherish. These pieces make a statement to the world about who you are and what you believe in.

We want to tell women that everything they need to reach their dreams is within them. Young women often define their worth by the brands they can afford or the guys they attract. We want to remind every woman that she is endlessly enough and that she is a special gift to herself, because we all need a little joy and sunshine in our lives. That's what our pieces are to us.



What is the most important aspect of sustainable fashion for you (timeless design, materials, durability etc)?

The most important aspect of sustainable fashion to me is 100% to work with all living beings in harmony. That means paying good wages to the people who are making the clothes, but also to always think about the most sustainable materials that require the least amount of resources. Then it all comes together. We take care of soft materials that are super luxurious for your skin so that our fashion is timeless, but also modern. We differentiate between our limited statement pieces, which are unique, and our capsule wardrobe pieces, which can be worn every day and are perfect for mix and match.



Are collaborations possible in an industry known for its hyper-competitiveness?

I think we all need to concentrate more on ourselves, and on helping and supporting others, instead of comparing ourselves to competitors. I also do believe in collaborations, because the world needs to see all those beautiful pieces that are being made by young people, and we should share that. But of course, every brand has to find something that works for them.

What is your ultimate dream?

My ultimate dream is seeing everyone happy.

For my brand, it’s that we can expand and become a well-known European brand for sustainable, modern pieces. Furthermore, I would love to encourage and empower women in different countries and help them become more self-assured and independent by creating a workspace for them.



What are your three favourite items on Rêve Ultime?

I love this shop so much because it makes shopping so much easier -- especially when it becomes so difficult for customers to identify which brands are actually focusing on sustainable and ethical production. I feel like so many brands are popping up and want to take a ride on this “sustainability trend”. It shouldn’t be seen as a “trend”, but deeply integrated and we should be more aware of all our decisions. So thanks to Sandrine!

- Alexandra K Bag Croco

- Zoe Bralette from Troo

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