Our Brands

Stilbaar handpicks the best international, ethical and sustainable brands. We are committed to selling sustainable, beautiful and thoughtfully designed fashion, accessories and beauty products that are good for both you and for the planet.


Aiayu – pronounced [ai-ya-yu] – means ‘soul’ in the indigenous Aymara language from Bolivia. The label was founded in 2005 by Maria Høgh Heilmann to make products made with care for the environment, the worker and the wearer. Fabrics are chosen for their textures and tactile qualities, how they feel against the skin. The gentle natural palette reveals materials and yarns primarily in their natural colour without the use of chemical dyes, choosing to only use natural materials such as GOTS certified organic cotton and wool. All pieces are made in Bolivia, India and Nepal and are intimately connected to their origin and people. AIAYU does not view waste as a problem but rather as an opportunity to recycle, use and re-use fabric to create something new.


Alexandra K, founded in 2014, specializes in vegan and environmentally-friendly handbags and accessories. Each bag is made in the EU, from innovative fabrics that are not only vegan, but also organic and safe for the planet. Their unique collections use apple, pineapple and corn leathers, along with many other vegetable fabrics. The brand is constantly looking for new components which make the label special, taking care of every detail in the production process to achieve the highest quality products. The brand is certified with the PETA- Approved Vegan and is Fur Free Retailer quality guarantee.


Founded in Copenhagen in 2014 - Organic Basics is building a more sustainable alternative to modern lifestyle and fashion brands. The company works with organic and recycled materials and European factories that minimise their environmental footprint in order to create underwear, activewear and everyday essentials in the best way possible. Organic Basics was born from the desire to create a brand with purpose and meaning, with sustainability at the core of everything. Their “design everything to last” philosophy means investing in quality fabrics and workmanship while designing with simplicity and function in mind.


Emma Barnes created Wild Fawn in January 2015 when her love for making and drawing transformed into the love of working with silver and gold to make timeless jewellery. With a background in Anthropology, Emma appreciates the importance of learning about where and how her materials are sourced and how people and cultures can be negatively affected by mining silver and gold. The brand is a registered Fairtrade gold user, meaning that the gold used to make each piece of jewellery is either recycled or produced fairly and transparently. Buying Fairtrade gold helps in building the future of miners by investing in social projects such as new schools and healthcare, allowing them to make their own way to prosperity.


At Stilbaar we are constantly searching for new brand collaborations, carefully researching each brand’s values and practices before it is incorporated. If you share our passion for ethical and sustainable products and would like to sell your brand in our shop, please contact us at: info@stilbaar.com.