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Our conversation with Skin Regimen

Our conversation with Skin Regimen

Through our conversation with Skin Regimen's Swedish Product Manager, Louise Berntorp, we gained insight on the details of being B Corp certified, the core values at the Davines Village, and the benefits natural aromas can have on your skin.

Skin Regimen is a modern herbal skin care brand for stressed skin, which counteracts the effects of air pollution and lifestyle-related aging. Products are designed to meet everyone's needs, regardless of gender. 

The products have a clinically proven effect and create optimal conditions for a healthy and radiant skin at the same time as they strengthen the general stress resistance.



1) Skin Regimen started out as a skincare line in Comfort Zone’s skincare range. How was it decided that the Skin Regimen line should be a brand in itself?

Before, Skin Regimen was a strong line in Comfort Zone’s skincare range. However the new Skin Regimen, that was launched in 2018, is completely updated, and we made the decision to make this line stand “on its own legs”. The products and treatments complement Comfort Zone’s offerings very well, and many consumers actually use a mix of products from both brands. Skin Regimen is unisex and appeals to both men and women. Its high end quality and potent formulas are produced to combat accelerated aging from stress and pollution. 


2) The phrase, “Fast Living Slow Aging” is commonly used by Skin Regimen to describe their products. What's the meaning behind this quote in relation to Skin Regimen?  

People tend to live and act in a faster and faster pace. No matter if you live in the city or in the countryside, your life is affected by digital screens, incoming messages and things that you believe have to be done immediately. We seldom slow down and give ourselves time to recover, which is a lifestyle that affects skin health in a negative way. Skin Regimen’s products are designed to meet the needs of today’s multitaskers - to protect skin through clean anti-aging products that promote skin longevity. 


3) We are obsessed with the natural aroma of Skin Regimen products. What is the process of finding the ‘perfect scent’ like?

The scent of Skin Regimen is not chosen only for the nice aroma. It has a purpose. Just like music can make you feel in a certain way – whether it is relaxed, energetic, happy or sad, and so can a certain scents or fragrances. Skin Regimen’s aroma is designed with relaxation in mind and has a relaxing effect on our senses. When you receive a treatment with Skin Regimen's products, we also play calm music specifically adapted to provide peace of mind and relaxation.

4) What is the Davines Village, and how does Skin Regimen fit into it?

Shortly, it is our home. Davines Village fully embodies the company's belief in sustainability - its focus on nature, science and the sense of community. These values are expressed though modern, sustainable design, supported by advanced technology that makes Davines Village a carbon-neutral place. There are three brands being developed and produced within our walls at Davines Village: Davines, Comfort Zone and Skin Regimen. All three brands have the same belief in sustainability and science.

5) Skin Regimen has successfully become a Certified B Corporation. Can you tell us a little about what this entails, and what the process of becoming certified was like? 

The aim of a B Corp is to make as many companies/brands as possible use their business as a force for good. It is possible to balance a good purpose with profit! So far there are about 4 000 brands in the world that are B Corp certified, Skin Regimen (Davines Group) is one of them. You don't get to just keep the certification forever. You must be re-certified every second year, and the requirements are getting tougher and tougher. In order to be certified, you need to actively set goals and show improvement towards workers, the environment, take social responsibility, etc. The B Corp certification doesn’t just prove where your company excels now—it commits you to consider stakeholder impact for the long term by building it into your company’s legal structure. You can read more about B Corp here


6) What are your three favourite Skin Regimen Products?

We recommend a three-step regimen for skin health and glow: Cleanse, Correct and Protect.
Step 1: Cleanse
Our Cleansing cream​ / anti-pollution face wash​ is gentle foaming cream with delicate surfactants and our special Longevity Complex. It effectively removes makeup, SPF and pollution from the skin and has a 100% natural fragrance. 
Step 2: Correct
We just love all our boosters – you can choose one of our boosters based on what your skin needs – but overall we would like to recommend our Glyco-lacto peel​ / renewing mask​. It's an exfoliating peel without grains, that provides effective skin renewal. Glycolic and lactobionic acid helps to counter the first signs of aging for smooth, glowing skin. Use 2-3 times per week.
Step 3: Protect
Protect is where you find our face creams. One of our favorites is Night Detox. This leave-on night product contains gluconolactone and alpha-glucan yeast to boost the skin’s ability to eliminate the toxins accumulated during the day. A cooling balm-like texture. You will love it!