Stilbaars Sustainability Statement


Our mission is to redefine the concept of luxury, with craftsmanship and sustainability at the core of our values. We offer handpicked sustainable brands that stand out for the quality of their materials, their production processes and their approach to timeless collections.


Our brands support the health of our planet, workers and wearers. They either create their products by hand or work with accredited factories that are legally bound to provide respect, fair hours, wages, healthcare, family support, and a genuine interest in their employees. Our labels ensure that their profit does not come at the cost of those who make their products.


Our brands mindfully source materials and ingredients cultivated in a way that takes into account the welfare of people, animals and the environment, choosing organic and cruelty-free materials such as natural fibers, deadstock and recycled fabrics, natural inks and textiles that have not contributed to toxic soils, genetically modified crops, river pollution, and high carbon emissions. They seek offcuts and upcycled materials that help to prevent landfill build up.


Many of our brands choose to manufacture their products within their own community or country, valuing the connection to their communities, their craftsmanship and age-old techniques. By investing in the local economy and environment, these brands collaborate and involve themselves in companies, organisations, and initiatives that empower, educate, and support artisans and local communities often from developing countries.


We handpick brands that design with longevity in mind - meaning their approach is not based on trends but rather on the idea that you can wear their products for many years. Our selection focuses on high quality materials and classic designs that don’t follow seasons and are timeless. Many of our labels work on a Pre-Order, or made to order basis, promoting slow fashion and minimizing waste.


Plastic items can take up to 1000 years to decompose in landfills. We carefully source all our packaging solutions from recycled or biodegradable materials. At the same time, all our international shipments are climate neutral and are shipped under DHL’s GoGreen initiative.


Our data infrastructure runs on green electricity and green technologies to reduce environmental impact. The servers are air and water cooled (compared to electric) and the data centers in which they run are the most energy efficient in the industry. At the same time, they collaborate with the Foundation Trees for All, helping to make the world greener while fighting against deforestation. Click here for more information.