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Our chat with fair fashion enthusiast – Chloé Kian

Our chat with fair fashion enthusiast – Chloé Kian

We talked with fair fashion and conscious living enthusiast Chloé Kian, where she touched upon the things in life that inspire her, the struggles she has faced combining fashion and conscious living, and her tips for obtaining a sustainable wardrobe.

Chloé's mission is to raise awareness about what we consume, where it comes from, who made it and where it goes after we no longer use it. To Chloé, it's about living a conscious life and taking one step at a time towards sustainability, while staying uniquely herself.



1) What opened your eyes up to conscious living?

I guess this was a gradual process, but the events in my life that impacted me the most and inspired me towards conscious living are: healing health issues with a plant based diet, watching 'The True Cost' documentary, and seeing the impact our modern society and our stressful work has on the mind and body.  

2) How do you communicate the importance of conscious living and sustainability to your community?

The focus is to keep people inspired –– by being as relatable as possible and staying true to myself and my values along the way. In my personal experience, being judged for what I don’t do isn’t encouraging, so instead my approach is to focus on all the positive changes we make instead of nitpicking every single one we don’t. 


3) What’s the key to keeping your wardrobe sustainable?

First, it's reusing what’s already there, and second, disposing of what’s sitting there and not being used regularly –– in the most sustainable way possible. This can either be by selling it online or donating it to charity shops. I think it’s important to mention this shouldn’t be a regular habit, but instead we should be more careful about what we bring into our closet in the first place, and make sure we chose items that we will wear for a long time. This prevents us from even having to think of how to dispose, which I am not going to lie, is difficult sometimes with the work I do.

4) Have you faced any struggles combining fashion with conscious living?

Absolutely. I work a lot with fashion, and this means that I receive lots of clothing for work, some of which I honestly don’t need. Pieces that stay in my home without being used also occupy mind space –– so it’s about finding a balance and something I work on constantly. 

5) What tips would you give to others that want to obtain a more sustainable wardrobe?

Rewear, reuse, repair, up-cycle, recycle before bringing on new items. And when you need something new, look for a piece from a charity shop, second hand, vintage or invest in an ethical and sustainable brand.

6) Where do you find the most inspiration in your life?

In the simple moments without distractions. On a hike in the mountains, a run in nature, a walk by the lake, and my morning silent meditation and journaling practices.

7) What is a quote you live by?



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