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Olistic the Label's collaboration with Arizona Muse

Olistic the Label's collaboration with Arizona Muse
Inspired by the four elements, Olistic The Label explores the connection between the human beings and the Earth. The sustainable luxury house was born from the desire to create both ethical and elegant garments from day to night. Based on biomimicry, the Olistic collection is made out of 100% natural certified organic fibers and developed in France and Portugal.
What is your brand's mission?

The brand's mission is to create fashion that is both durable and elegant. Our collections are developed with only organic certified materials. The pieces are versatile and distinguish themselves with timeless, seasonless beauty. With Olistic, we offer a new sustainable definition of the feminine wardrobe, combining minimalist silhouettes with a contemporary touch.

We support European production by producing our entire wardrobe in a family workshop in Portugal. We also create a positive social impact in India, by sourcing cruelty-free silk in India. It empowers women and promotes slow fashion practises such as handmade embroideries.

Our mission is multiple, but always in harmony with human beings and the environment.

 Arizona Muse for Olistic the Label

What is the most important aspect of sustainable fashion for you (timeless design, materials, durability, etc)?

Inspired by the adjective “holistic” Olistic the Label suggests a totality, a life cycle. From fibers agriculture, to production, everything has an importance. If we had to pick the most important aspect of sustainability for us, it is to choose the right materials. Being Olistic is being sustainable in every choice we make. We believe luxury products are both durable and elegant. We should not have to choose between both.

For our collections, we use organic certified GOTS fibers such as peace silk, wood fiber, artisanal virgin wool and leather leftovers from luxury tanneries. From the harvesting of raw materials through environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing to labeling, everything is controlled with the aim of respecting the environment, workers and the consumer.

As an extension of the Olistic philosophy, we are constantly improving the provenance of our materials and the way we make our collections. Finding new innovative eco-fibers that are good for the planet and the environment. For us, the secret to the beauty of a garment is directly linked to the materials we are using to develop it.

 Olistic the Label

What inspired you to collaborate with Arizona Muse and how was that experience?

It was a very fluid and natural collaboration, we both share the same passion for organic materials, so it was easy to create a collection together.

I really enjoyed developing with her, choosing color palettes, designs etc... We have chosen three materials for their exceptional comfort (peace silk, virgin wool, lyocell) and resistance combined with low environmental impact. We met a few times in London during the pandemic with masks, however it was very fun to shoot with Jesse Jenkins the photographer and her best friend Lowell from Allmost Agency and all the other talented team members.

Inspired by the galaxy, we named the aerial pieces Orion, Andromeda or Polaris in tribute to the constellations: a poetic way to feel the magic of the infinitely great, through the touch of the fabric on skin. In a global pandemic, we wanted to offer magic and lightness to the world. Being connected to spirituality and the stars.

In an age of waste and consumerism, we wanted to honor a timeless collection that transcends time and trends. That you can wear for many years without being out of fashion. These limited-edition pieces compose an engaged wardrobe reconciling environmental awareness and sensual elegance. It also celebrates our encounter and our common passion for sustainability. 

 Arizona Muse and Camille Jaillant

What is your ultimate dream?

My dream is that fashion can be organic and upcycled. That every brand minimizes the impact of their fashion products.

There is no greenwashing and only people with good intentions towards people and the planet.

This dream can come true if everyone makes a positive impact and rethinks their ways of producing and creating.

The future is slow.


What are your three favourite items on Rêve Ultime? 

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